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Gas Chromatograph

HS Code: 9018193000
Production Capacity: 10set/Week
Export Markets: Global

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Export Markets: Global
Additional Info
  • HS Code: 9018193000
  • Production Capacity: 10set/Week
Product Description

GC is the instrument used large-screen LCD display, eight-stage process with the rise of new gas chromatograph function. The basic configuration for the FID, TCD two detectors, and can be easily expanded ECD, FPD, NPD three kinds of detectors, are widely used in petroleum, chemicals, pesticides, public security, liquor, environmental monitoring, health and disease prevention as well as institutions of higher learning and scientific research sectors.

Main features:
1. English large-screen LCD display, rich visual display, set the parameters and their convenience.
2. Using a microcomputer automatic ignition device.
3. Using a reliable number of zero, to avoid the zero potentiometer caused the baseline instability.
4. Three pneumatic structure, to put in three columns, to install FID, TCD two detectors, and can be easily expanded ECD, FPD, NPD three kinds of detectors, as well as expand the installation and conversion of gas injector furnace, etc. External control equipment.

5. The aircraft can be easily expanded from a single two-FID FID amplifier amplifiers, two amplifier parameters can control, truly a multi-purpose machine.
6. With the eight-order temperature-programmed functions.
7. After a conversion function of the intelligent automatic door cooling system, cooling speed, to achieve a true sense of the near room temperature operation.
8. Column tracking room temperature using a unique way; Avoid rapid column heating chamber detector caused by the pollution.

9. Also equipped with two packed column capillary vaporization chamber and a separate dedicated system with excellent performance capillary split / splitless injector and tail blowing system can be easily mounted small-bore capillary column, capillary column and a variety of large caliber packed column.
10, a power-down protection, automatic memory configuration parameters. Interfering with anti-power features and stopwatch timer functions.

11. With over temperature protection, temperature exceeds the limit set auto power off and alarm. Either way the temperature exceeds a set temperature, will automatically stop heating; And failure reasons and prompts in English alarm.
12. With "0 " protection. Any way when the temperature display is always "0 " when will automatically stop the heating in case the room is always heated by heating lead to damage. And have prompted English Failure and alarm.

13. With breathe tips to protect and English capabilities to maximize protection from damage TCD tungsten and column.
14. With fault self-diagnosis function, shows the English cause of the malfunction at any time, and alarm.

Main technical indicators:
Main technical indicators:
1. The temperature control:
Temperature range: Room temperature +8 -420
Temperature accuracy: Less than 200, was ± 0.1; In more than 200 ± 0.2 for the
Process l Order number: 8 Order
Heating rate: 1-30 / min

2. Detector indicators:
FID: Detection limit: Mf 1 × 10-11g / s (benzene / CS2)
Noise: 0.02mv
Drift: 0.1mv / h
TCD: Sensitivity ≥ 3000mV. Ml/mg (benzene)
Noise: ≤ 0.02mV
Drift: ≤ 0.1mV / h

Package: 865*630*600mm GW.: 72KG
H2 N2 and Air generator: Package: 600*580*530mm(option) GW.: 47kg

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